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Every day in Houston hard working people like you and me are injured in car accidents. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2014 distracted drivers in Houston were involved in 14,097 car accidents. Distracted drivers make up a majority of all car accidents in Houston. If you have been injured in a wreck, then there are things you need to know. You’ll have to make some very hard decisions - very fast. You’ll need someone who will fight for you.

Who’s fighting for you?
Your voice needs to be heard. Mark Hedman will be that voice. He’ll protect your rights and fight to get what you deserve. Whether it’s lost wages, mental anguish or pain and suffering, Mark Hedman will fight to get you compensated for all your injuries.

Should you hire a lawyer if you’ve been injured?
Yes. One of the biggest mistakes people make when handling their own claim is undervaluing their own injury. Negotiating with an insurance company can by perilous. Another major mistake people make when negotiating with insurance companies has to do with signing the release too early. If you don’t know or understand the extent of your injuries then signing a release may not be a good idea. If an insurance company wants you to sign anything that will affect your rights, you should contact us. We’re here to help. So although you may want to handle your bodily injury claim yourself, it’s probably wiser for you to hire a lawyer. There is ABSOLUTELY no substitute for having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side- making sure your interests are protected.

The insurance company wants me to sign a release/ waiver of liability…what should I do?
Tip: Wait! Before you sign or agree to anything with an insurance company you should make sure you know exactly what you are signing and how it will affect you. Be careful! Once you “release” an insurance company from liability for an accident, you are legally barred from ever disputing the accident or your injuries ever again. If you’ve been asked to sign a release, call Attorney Mark Hedman now. All consultations are free and calls are strictly

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